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10 Best Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Kids

by Steven Thompson
10 Best Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Kids

Whether you’re looking for a way to spend a special occasion or just keep your kids entertained, this list of 10 outdoor activities for kids can help keep boredom at bay.


Biking is a great family activity for kids of all ages. It’s a great way to take in the outdoors while staying active – and you can do it even if your little one isn’t ready to take the handles themselves!

Front and rear-mounted seats and bike tows are great ways to go biking with kids who haven’t learned how to ride. For kids who want to be a bit more independent, choosing the right bike for them is key. Before purchasing make sure that the bike is the correct size with the Pro Tips kids’ bike sizing chart.


What’s better than a family adventure? Hiking can be a great way to bond, and there are many ways to make hiking interesting for kids. Take the time to teach them about insects and plants they may encounter along the way. It can also be fun to plan games like scavenger hunts and trail bingo to keep them aware of their surroundings.

The fun doesn’t have to end when you are back home either! After-hike activities like scrapbooking can create long-lasting memories of your day.


Nature offers a great way to unplug and get some extra family time without any distractions. What better way to enjoy it than camping with your kids? Although camping with kids may seem intimidating at first, a well-planned trip can lead to a fun-filled weekend. Don’t forget your camping essentials!


If camping in the woods is a little too adventurous, you can bring the great outdoors to your own backyard. Backyard camping is all the fun without the hassle. You also don’t need to worry about your children getting homesick or scared of the woods. It’s a great way to introduce your little ones to camping in a familiar environment.


Looking for an activity to hook your kids on? Fishing with kids can be rewarding for you and them. Fishing is not only a great way to spend a sunny afternoon, but it can teach them the value of preparation and patience. Not to mention the excitement of their first catch!


If you love the water but fishing isn’t your family’s ‘thing,’ a beach day may be just the fix. Whether your child prefers building sandcastles or splashing in the water, the beach offers up many activities to tap into both your child’s creative side and adventurous side. Just make sure you know what to pack for a day at the beach.


Is your little one a chef-to-be? It can be hard for budding foodies to handle adult-sized kitchen equipment, but that doesn’t mean their culinary talents can’t be put to use! You can utilize camp cookware so that you and your kids can whip up some tasty desserts or savory grilled cheeses.


Yard games are a classic way to pass the time at tailgates, parties and other outdoor gatherings. They can also be a great way to have a little family competition. Learn how to play some of the most popular yard games with these Pro Tips guides:

Washer Toss
Ladder Toss
Hooking Halos
Bounce Back


Many of us have memories of our parents teaching us how to throw a baseball. Now you can pass down that wisdom to your children, too. This Pro Tips guide on teaching your child to throw a baseball can give you step-by-step instructions for your ace in the making. You can also make sure they are a well-rounded player by showing them the ropes of swinging a baseball or softball bat.


There are few things kids love more than arts and crafts, but sometimes it can leave behind quite the mess. Taking craft time outside has all the fun with less of a clean-up. Bring out your kids’ artistic side with these face-paint ideas for basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and football.

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