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Essential accessories for smartphone photography

by Steven Thompson

Smartphone cameras have evolved for the past few years. With increasing technological advancement in the photography industry, a couple of accessories have been built by the third party to develop photography experience. If you are an enthusiastic photographer, you need tools to help take high-quality pictures regardless of the surrounding condition. Smartphone camera accessories range from lenses to tripods, among other camera kit types.

The following are essential accessories that will take your smartphone photography to the next level.

A tripod

When you are using a smartphone for photography, some instances may require a tripod to take a clear image and steady videos. You can choose to purchase a selfie stick tripod to help you to take photos from various angles. When you are in a dark condition, a tripod could help make clear shots because it gives room to frame a scene effectively. On the other hand, tripods can help when you are involved in long exposure photography.

Lens kit

Smartphones come with cameras that consist of varying qualities. If your phone camera has low-resolution power, you may need a couple of lenses to take high-quality photos. When selecting lenses for your phone camera, ensure you check for fisheye, 10x or 15x lens options as well as wide-angle. Such lenses could help to take photos or record videos from varying aspects, depending on your preferences. Ensure the lens kit is compatible with your camera design to obtain the best results in your smartphone photography experience. 

Pocket spotlight

Some cameras come with frustrating flash light qualities. As a photographer, keep in mind that flashlights can damage or take your photos to another level. When purchasing a spotlight, ensure you check for the right positioning and measurement. A pocket flashlight can be useful when taking photos in dark conditions to generate enough exposure and high quality photos. The pocket spotlights can be plugged on the headphone jack on the phone to provide lighting to improve the photography experience.

Portable gunshot mic

A microphone may be required, especially when taking videos. The microphone can be an expensive accessory, but they are worth investing in because of the lean experience it offers. The portable microphone will provide quality audio as compared to the primary microphone on the phone. The mic is also designed to prevent disturbance from the surrounding environment. 


Stabilizers help smartphone users to capture videos conveniently without any blurred or shaky content. The stabilizers are used primarily when recording videos for YouTube or when doing a Facebook live video. The stabilizers are provided in different modes, including manual and motorized versions. Both options of stabilizers play a significant role in creating a cinematic experience by removing the jerks and bumps available in the video. They also enhance better quality.


Smartphone cameras can offer the best photographic services; however, using extra accessories helps make the experience great. While considering the best options of smartphone camera accessories, ensure you consider products from reputable developers to access high end functionalities that can upgrade your photography experience. 

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