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How to Pick Your Own Fishing Rods

by Steven Thompson

Planning to go fishing soon? You will need to make sure you pack good fishing rods. After all, getting the right fishing rod brings you one step closer to bagging your next catch.

If you are looking for a new fishing rod to help improve your game, then you should get your hands on one that suits your needs.

Here is a quick buying guide on fishing rods and what you should consider when looking at your options.


The length of your fishing rods will determine the distances that you can cast. Obviously, the longer the rod, the longer the distance it can cast.

Long rods are best for surfcasting, meaning you do your fishing from land, by the shoreline. Long rods can also be done from a boat if you are using a heavy lure or doing fly fishing.

Shorter rods are done from a boat or pier. They are lightweight and easier for you to manipulate, which is useful if you find yourself fighting with a fish. This makes it the better choice for serious big game fishing.


The weight of your canne a peche will determine how much weight it can handle and how strong it will be. The weight you need will depend on what kind of bait and lure you are using.


The action in fishing rods is the point where the rod bends. It is identified as either heavy or light. Heavy action means the rod bends closer to the tip and light action means the bend is located to the butt end of the rod.

Light action is recommended for smaller fish while heavy action is best for larger species.


You should consider your fishing style and how much power and action you need when you choose a fishing rod type.

Casting rods are designed for more precision and accuracy. The guides are on top of the blank part of the rod so that anglers can cast better.

Spinning rods are smaller and lighter compared to casting rods and they house spinning reels. The guides on this type of fishing rods are located on the bottom. This makes it easier to use, making it a better fishing rod for beginners or casual fishers.


Fishing rods come in different materials and each one has its own strengths.

Advanced anglers prefer the rods that are made out of graphite since they give more fighting power. Plus a graphite fishing rod is sensitive enough to alert you right away if a fish took a bite on your bait.

If you are looking for something more sturdy, you should get a fiberglass fishing rod. They are very durable and require little maintenance. Anglers prefer this material if they are going for larger catches like a pike.

There is also the combination of both graphite and fiberglass materials in one fishing rod. This will be great if you prefer to own one rod that you can use for different conditions and catches.

Fishing rods are the key to catching your trophy fish

Fishing isn’t as simple as it used to be. You need to do it in the right weather, you need to have the knowledge on how to do it, you should be able to exercise an impressive amount of patience, and you need to gather enough experience to build up your skills. But with the proper gear, you can catch your fish easier and the fishing rod is one of the most vital pieces of equipment that you will need.

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