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Pro Tips Guide: Our Six Favorite Things to Do Outside

by Steven Thompson
Pro Tips Guide- Our Six Favorite Things to Do Outside

Warm weather. Clear skies. An open schedule. These ingredients can only mean one thing: it’s time to get outside. But what can you do when you get there? Leave boredom at the door and find fun under the sun with our list of favorite outdoor activities.

1. Kayaking

2. Paddleboarding

3. Camping

4. Hiking

5. Fishing

6. Yard Games


Getting out on the water can be a great way to enjoy your time outdoors. Launch into the fun with these kayaking Pro Tips.

Kayaking for Beginners: Quick Tips to Get Started

Before you embark on your first float, it’s important to be familiar with your vessel. Understanding the layout and parts of a kayak can help you pack accordingly for a fun adventure on the water. Learn the basic components and where to pack your gear with these kayaking tips. 

How to Choose a Kayak Life Vest

Whether paddling around a rural lake or traveling up a scenic shoreline, it’s important to keep your safety in mind. Having the right life vest for kayaking can make for a more enjoyable experience on your float. Discover the design, fit and other features to look for to help keep you safe and smiling on the water.

Kayak Balancing Techniques

Okay, you’ve got your kayak in the water. But how do you keep your balance? Finding your kayaking equilibrium can seem tricky to newcomers. However, the right technique can keep your vessel upright – and you out of the water. Learn how to balance on the water for a fun-filled afternoon with these kayaking tips.

Kayak Paddling Basics

The most important skill you’ll need to hone when you begin kayaking is how to paddle. Before launching from shore, master the skills to keep you in the right direction. Learn the proper paddling setup and the basic strokes for navigating on the water in these tips.

How to Steer a Kayak

Learning to steer a kayak is a vital component to exploring the outdoors. Understanding how to maneuver your kayak can help you stay comfortable and confident on the water. These kayaking tips can help you master the fundamentals and make the most of your next float.

How to Launch a Kayak

A proper launch can signal the start of your next kayaking adventure. A smooth entry into the water is important to keep your gear safe and your spirits high. Learn the basic technique to launching your kayak and begin your time outdoors on a positive note.


Looking for some new aquatic fun? Give stand up paddleboarding a try with these Pro Tips. Discover how you can turn boredom into “boardom” with these beginner skills.

Stand Up Paddleboard Safety Tips

When on the water, your safety should always be in focus. Weather and strong currents aren’t the only elements to be mindful of during a stand up paddleboard (SUP) adventure. In order to keep you safe and secure on your board, there are a few things to be sure of prior to launch. Make your next aquatic adventure an enjoyable one with these SUP safety tips.

Personal Flotation Device Options for Stand Up Paddleboarders

Staying safe should be a top priority for all paddleboarders. The right personal flotation device can go a long way in ensuring security on the open water. Use these SUP tips to find out which PFD options are available for your next float.

How to Stand on a Paddleboard

You need to crawl before you walk. In the same light, you need to stand before you paddle. Before you dream of endless hours on the water, you should master standing on your stand up paddleboard. Discover the basic technique to getting on two feet with these SUP tips.

How to Hold a SUP Paddle

Understanding how to hold a SUP paddle can help keep you comfortable and nimble on the water. The proper hand placement can allow for more proficient strokes and keep you enjoying the great outdoors. Maneuver with ease and keep control of your float with this guide to holding your SUP paddle.

SUP Basics: The Forward Stroke

Stand up paddleboarding allows you to explore different environments from rural lakes and rivers to majestic coastlines. However, to get yourself headed in the right direction on the water, it’s important to know how to paddle. The forward stroke is an important technique to master to propel your SUP through the water. Find out how to perform this essential stroke for a fun float with these tips and tricks.

SUP Basics: The Sweep Turn

When you hit the water on your stand up paddleboard, odds are you aren’t traveling in a straight line. The sweep stroke can be a helpful technique to turn your board and maneuver in the water with ease. Learn how to make this semi-circular motion for crisp turns and easier navigation with these SUP tips.


Another fun outdoor activity is camping. Whether in the back yard or in the backcountry, camping can be a great way to get out and unplug. Learn how to get the whole family – yes, even those with four legs – in on the entertainment with these camping tips.

The Pro Tips Camping Trip Checklist

A great camping trip begins with a proper packing protocol. Nothing can turn an adventure sour like forgetting an essential item at home. Wherever your adventure takes you, our camping essentials checklist can get you ready for the great outdoors.

The Pro Tips Guide to Camping with Kids

Does your camping crew include a few youngsters? Keeping your kids entertained when at the campsite begins with creating the right atmosphere. Ensure your little campers enjoy the outdoors as much as you do with these tips on camping with kids.

Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Man’s best friend doesn’t have to be a homebody anymore. Going on camping trips with your canine companion can be a fun way to bond with your four-legged pal. However, adventuring with your dog does require some preparation. Pack for your pooch and get ready for a tail-wagging trip with these camping tips.

Basic Campfire Safety Tips

Camping and campfires go hand in hand. Whether roasting marshmallows or telling stories by the light of the embers, campfires are a staple to a proper campsite. Despite this, it’s important to keep everyone safe around the coals. Use these camping tips to help control your campfire for an enjoyable and safe adventure for all.

How to Set up a Tent

We’ve all been there. You’ve unpacked your tent and laid everything out with no understanding of what goes where. Struggling to set up your tent could lead to uncomfortable sleeping conditions and an overall bad experience in the outdoors. Thankfully, though, a few simple tips can help you set up your shelter in no time. Follow these guidelines to give your campsite a secure and sturdy tent setup.

How to Set up a Campsite

A basecamp should be both comforting and effective for a pleasant stay outdoors. To set up your site, there are a few protocols you can follow to make the process as smooth as possible. Discover these basic camping tips to help create an ideal home away from home.

Tips for Setting up the Inside of Your Tent

A well-constructed campsite is all in the details. Laying out your tent’s interior with efficiency in mind can make for a more enjoyable trip for all. There are several tricks to help you utilize your tent’s interior space so your gear is stored properly, and you can be comfortable throughout your stay. Discover how to give a fresh take to your tent’s space with these camping tips.

Backyard Camping Tips

Camping in your backyard can be a fun activity to do outside with your kids. Having the security of home while also experiencing the great outdoors can help introduce your youngsters to newfound adventures. Use these tips to discover how to turn your backyard into basecamp and what to do outdoors.


Wanting to fulfill your sense of adventure? Roam through the hillside – or your local park – with these fun hiking tips.

Hiking Basics: Fitting Your New Backpack

Your hiking backpack is a crucial piece of equipment, so it’s important it fits correctly. Too long and your pack could sag. While a pack that’s too short could compromise your back support. Find out how to determine the proper pack size and other components with these tips for the trail.

How to Pack Your Pack for a Hike

A poorly packed pack can ruin any hiking experience. An unbalanced load that shifts in transit can place pressure on unwanted areas. To make packing as hassle-free as possible, there are a few ways you can distribute your gear for maximum performance. Discover how to map out your pack space and where to store your equipment with these hiking tips.

The Pro Tips Day Hike Checklist

It’s important to remember the essentials. While a day hike might conjure images of a leisurely stroll, it can also be an all-day adventure. Hours in, hours out. Make sure you have the necessary gear in tote to make the most of your hiking expedition. Discover what to pack for a fun-filled day on the trails with this helpful checklist.

The Pro Tips Multi-Day Hike Checklist

Planning an overnight adventure on the trail? Multi-day hikes require backpackers to be prepared for a number of contingencies. From your sleeping arrangements to food and water necessities, you need to have everything available for a worthwhile trip. Learn the essential equipment for a quality adventure and roam confidently with this hiking checklist.

Tips for Planning Your Trail Hike

No matter where your adventure takes you, it’s important to be prepared. Planning your trek can go a long way in ensuring you stay safe and secure on the trail. There are a few pre-trek tricks that could help put you on the right path from the get-go. Discover how to plan and prepare for your outdoor excursion with these hiking tips.

How to Make Hiking More Interesting for Kids

The trail is open to all ages. However, hiking with little ones poses unique challenges and keeping them interested on the trail may not always be an easy task. Creating an enjoyable environment for your youngsters can help feed their sense of adventure and introduce a new outdoor hobby. Find out how to make your trek interesting for everyone with these tips for pre and post-hike fun.

How to Pack for a Spring, Summer or Fall Hike

When the freeze of winter gives way to warmer weather, you’ll want to be ready for your next outdoor adventure. To do this, you’ll want to curate your hiking apparel and pack with a three-season mindset. Find out how to dress for the climate and what to pack with these hiking tips.

The Pro Tips Guide to Trail Navigation

Nature isn’t confined to a beaten path. You can explore the outdoors freely with the right navigation equipment. There are a few ways to direct yourself when hiking to ensure you stay on track to your destination. Discover these common navigation techniques and their perks with these tips for a great hiking experience.


Whether taking to the streams or pond, fishing can be a fun outdoor activity for all. Hook into good times outdoors with these beginner fishing Pro Tips.

The Basics of Shore Fishing for Bass

Shore fishing can be a great option for fishermen wanting to get a line out without setting sail. Fishing from the bank can also be a great way to introduce new anglers to this fun outdoor activity. However, there’s more to this fishing style than casting out from land. Discover the basics to shore fishing with these tips. Learn the essential gear, techniques and other skills needed for an enjoyable experience by the water.

How to Choose the Right Jig Head Style for Bass Fishing

Jigs can be a great tackle option when trying to reel in bass. Knowing when and where to use each jig head style can help you hook into success. Discover the differences between jig head styles with these fishing tips and cast your next line with confidence.

The Four Soft Plastic Rigs to Use for Bass Fishing

Soft plastic lures can give anglers a lifelike presentation in an inexpensive package. Rigging these valuable baits can depend on fishing technique and water conditions. Use these bass fishing tips to learn four common rigging styles. Discover the necessary tackle to create these irresistible presentations.

The Five Bass Fishing Lures You Need in Your Tackle Box

Experimenting with new lure styles and mixing to match the conditions is always fun. But there are a few lure selections that should always be in your tackle box. From the simple to the bold, these baits can be a solid go-to when looking to land your next big catch. Discover the perks to these five bass fishing staples with these fishing tips.

Understanding Baitcasting Reels

Baitcasting reels can be a great option for fishermen taking to the streams, ponds and lakes. The feel of the line and increased casting accuracy can help anglers reach their next fish tale with ease. Using these more advanced reels requires a solid understanding of their components to avoid problems and maintain performance. Follow these tips to ensure your casts stay strong throughout your fishing adventures with your baitcasting reel.

How to Remove Backlash from a Baitcaster Reel

Backlash occurs when your fishing line tangles around the reel. Unwinding these dreaded bird’s nests can be intimidating to even the most experienced angler. Fortunately, you can rid your reel of this clutter with a few techniques. Discover how to remove this dilemma from your baitcasting reel with these fishing tips.

Understanding Spinning Reels

Spinning reels are an easy-to-use open-face reel that can complement a lightweight setup. These reels can be great for youngsters and veteran anglers alike. Understanding the components to your spinning reel can help you limit equipment problems and keep the casts coming. Learn the ins and outs of your setup for better experiences on the water with this fishing guide.

Pro Tips Guide to Introducing Your Kids to Fishing

Introducing your young ones to fishing can help spark a lifelong love affair full of casts, catches and memories. However, fishing with kids can come with its own degree of snags. From differences in technique and gear to maintaining their interest, there is a lot to consider. Navigate the waters with these fishing tips and enjoy the outdoors with your new favorite fishing partner.


The beauty of enjoying the outdoors is you don’t have to travel far. Yard games can be a great way to get the family outside for a little fun and friendly competition. Score big with these outdoor lawn games.

How to Play Cornhole: Rules, Tips & More

A classic game for any outdoor function, cornhole can be a fun way to bring some friendly competition to the backyard. But this yard game is more than tossing bags. Learn the setup, rules, scoring and other tips to this exciting and enjoyable activity with this breakdown.

How to Play Bocce

Bocce is a timeless lawn game that can be enjoyed by all. The game is easy to set up and simple in design. Get a rolling start for your next outdoor function with these tips on bocce rules, scoring and equipment.

All About KanJam: Origins, Rules & Playing Tips

If there’s one thing you won’t find in a game of KanJam, it’s boredom. This fun outdoor game can be great for taking advantage of time in the backyard. But with such a unique game, it helps to understand the rules and setup for playing. Discover everything you need to know – from gameplay to setup, scoring and common terms – in this guide.

How to Play Washer Toss

Washer toss has many names: Hillbilly horseshoes. Sewers and washers. Washoes. Whatever you call it, the popular yard game is perfect for passing the time outside. Learn how to set up the playing field, scoring, throwing techniques and common terms in this comprehensive guide.

How to Play Spikeball

Bring your A-game outside with spikeball. This agility-driven yard game takes components from foursquare and volleyball to create a fun and athletic activity. Learn the rules and other must-have information for a quality game of roundnet with these tips.

How to Play Ladder Toss

Simple in design and gameplay, ladder toss can be a great addition to your fun outside. Players can rejoice in this uncomplicated and straightforward activity. Familiarize yourself with this lawn game favorite with these tips on ladder toss setup, rules and scoring.

How to Play Bounce Back

Rebound from being stuck inside with a healthy game of bounce back. A new spin on bean bag toss, bounce back features a unique playing surface and gameplay. Learn the rules, setup and scoring to this new and refreshing yard game with these helpful tips.

How to Play Hooking Halos

Want a refreshing take on ring toss games? Hooking halos can be an exciting lawn activity that showcases elements of your favorite yard games in one complete package. Use skill and strategy in your quest for backyard dominance and learn the basics of hooking halos with these tips.

There are plenty of fun things to do outside. Your only issue might be choosing which activity to do first. Find an old hobby or give something new a try with help from this Pro Tips collection.

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