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Things to Look for When Purchasing Student Watches

by Steven Thompson

College can be full of appointments, classes, and extracurricular activities. A good student must keep his or her schedule both on and off school. Therefore, you should consider investing in a high-quality watch (check Spain HONOR Limit discounts here). You have a lot of options when choosing a timepiece when buying Back to School Supplies. Ideally, you need to compare both function and style of the watch. It does not matter whether you prefer a sporty or a designer watch; you should follow these tips when shopping.


You need a durable watch because you will be moving from one study group to another. Also, you will be going on road trips and sorority parties. The stainless-steel watches are considered to be the most durable. Therefore, consider getting a watch with a stainless-steel case. Rubber and leather are equally durable. Therefore, choose between leather and stainless-steel straps by considering aesthetics, style, and texture.


The truth is that subdials provide useful functions and information. For instance, they tell you time in different time zones and date. Some sports watches have subdials that display chronograph function. You can also find watches with a digital window that displays altimeter, calendar, or stopwatch.

Data Storage

As a student, you need to track information and appointments on the move. That is quite important for busy students. It is advisable to choose a watch that allows you to keep memos and dates on a built-in computer. Such watches have a hip or nerdy style with a calculator. You will find such features, both cool and useful. Some timepieces have alarms that remind you of the stored dates and appointments.

Alternative Power

Mechanical watches have made a comeback, and quartz movement watches are quite popular. However, most students prefer watches that run on alternative power. Nowadays, you can find solar-powered watches that convert sunlight into energy. The kinetic watches use oscillating weights to capture the energy of the wrist movements. Automatic watches use the motion of the wrist for power and use mechanical movements rather than batteries. You should note that automatic, kinetic, and solar-powered watches are maintenance-free.

Water Resistance

If you love swimming, then you should get a watch with excellent water resistance. Ideally, a watch with low resistance (5 ATM) is ideal for washing clothes, but should not be used when taking a bath. On the other hand, watches with high water resistance, like up to 200 meters, can be used for diving. Remember that there is no watch that is 100% waterproof.

Student Watch Value

An important thing to consider when purchasing a student watch is the price. It is vital to consider the value of the watch before you can even discuss the price. Therefore, you need to determine the right budget. It is advisable to spend more to get a quality watch.

Buyer Protection

You need to be careful when buying a student watch online. Ensure you check the reputation of the company and dealer. When dealing with new dealers, ensure they have a social media presence and can answer your questions. A reliable manufacturer should have a clear return policy. Remember that a watch can easily get damaged during the shipping.

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