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Where can you rock fanny packs to?

by Steven Thompson

Fanny packs were popular fashion accessories in the late 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. However, they slowly began to fade when modern fashion trends started springing up, thereby making the younger generation feel that fanny packs are outdated.

Nevertheless, anything of value will always retain its value, and manufacturers have come up with ways to bring the fanny pack trend back to life. The great thing about fanny packs is that it suits different occasions and purposes. For instance, the fanny pack with bottle slot is perfect for hikers, swimmers, runners, and other athletic persons.

If you were born in this decade, you may be wondering, “Where can I rock fanny packs to?”

The answer is: more places than you can ever imagine.

Without further ado, let’s look at places you can rock fanny packs to with style, grace, and elegance.


Let’s delve in.

Where can you rock fanny packs to

1. Running/Exercise

The running or exercise community has a natural inclination towards fanny packs. When running, you wouldn’t want anything that will weigh you down or be too heavy for you, so runners love them because fanny packs are comfortable, practical, and handy.

You don’t have to bother about your personal belongings because they’ll be safe and close to you. Most importantly, the best one is the fanny pack with bottle slot. Every runner understands the importance of hydration when carrying out physical activities.

The fanny pack with bottle slot helps you to carry water comfortably.

2. Biking

This is also similar to the advantage runners have with fanny packs. A lot of bike shorts produced don’t come with pockets, so it may be difficult for bikers to store essentials, and leaving them at home may not be an option. Plus, backpacks may be too heavy for them.

But fanny packs are here to the rescue! Bikers can use fanny packs to store their phones, wallets, and credit cards while enjoying their ride.

3. Sport events

If you’re a sports enthusiast, then you should make fanny packs your best friend. Most sporting centers have rules and regulations that guide bag size. Using a fanny pack will help you to stay within regulations and still keep your essentials close to you. It’s comfortable, handy, and of course, very versatile.

Both young and old people can use it.

If you know the bag size guidelines of the sporting center you’d be going to, endeavor to get a bag that fits that description or less.

4. Traveling

Do you love traveling and exploring new places?

Well, here’s a tip that could save you a lot of stress: fanny packs are not counted as hand luggage. This means that you can use a fanny pack to carry your essentials without counting for it. If that isn’t amazing, then nothing else is.

5. Festivals

There are lots of festivals happening all over the world, celebrating culture, music, or even a person. In such crowded spaces, it may be very difficult to keep your personal belongings safe if there are not with you.

If you love attending festivals (or large concerts), then you must use a fanny pack. It’s safe and stylish at the same time.

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