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Track Your Heart-Rate while Running with Huawei Watch 3

by Steven Thompson

The first thing that comes into our mind when we talk about the new HUAWEI Watch is the advantages of it, as a health watch. If we look at the specifications, we will come to know that it has a neat and attractive look and also comes in different colors and designs. It is one of the most sophisticated devices in the fitness market and the benefits it comes with are endless. Besides, Watch 3 price is at an affordable level. The cost of the watch is on an average level and hence suits all budgets.

Let us discuss a few advantages of this innovative health and fitness device that has set off the latest health gadget race in the market.

Continuous Health Monitoring with HUAWEI Watch 3

You get continuous heart rate monitoring, breathing, and pulse rate recording in three modes-thermography, activity monitoring, and computerized timekeeping.

Amazing Battery Power

Enjoy 3 Day Battery Power in super-smart mode and amazing 14-day battery life in long mode – for more than twice the life of normal watches. And the best thing is that you can switch between these modes with the help of the removable and detachable card. It offers you dual charging and support for many other external devices too.

Water-Resistant Watch Design

It is water-resistant up to a hundred and twenty meters. You don’t have to worry about getting damaged by taking a dip into any pool.

Dual Shot Glass Scanner

The two-inch digital display of the Huawei Watch helps you browse through all the details present in the watch and makes you aware of all the details. The display has an inbuilt scratch-resistant screen. The second eye is designed to take care of the third eye if any. The features like GPS, pedometer, heart rate monitor, and calories have been integrated into one single screen. You can even use the time ticket management feature of the watch.

High Accuracy Timepiece

The timepieces from this brand are technologically advanced and powered with high-precision quartz movements. It ensures accurate timekeeping irrespective of what you do. You can set the time and date at the dial using the push of one button. The watch has an inbuilt stopwatch as well as a timer with countdown sequences.

Multi Functionality

One of the unique features of the Huawei Watch is the bracelet watch and the band too. The bracelet has a space for your palm. This watch allows you to access its multiple features with a single click. You can wind the watch or reset the time via this facility. The band has a large storage space for the data collected during the run.

High-Quality Construction and Design 

You would have never imagined that the construction quality of the watch is as good as the design and features. The material used in the construction is Swiss calibre surgical steel, which is scratch-resistant. The band and the case have been completely sealed to protect the watch from dust. The watch comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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